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Guidance Through The Social Security Disability Benefits Maze

If you find yourself with an illness or injury that will not allow you to work, you may feel anxious about how you will pay your bills and support yourself and your family. Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits were established for these situations, but the application process can be confusing and intimidating. Having an experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate the confusing maze of government benefits can make a difference.

My name is Nicholas T. Grillo. I opened Grillo Law Firm in order to help clients throughout southern Mississippi take control of their lives and create a better future for their families by assisting with bankruptcy and SSD benefits.

How I Can Help With Your SSD Case

You may wonder why you need an attorney to apply for SSD benefits. Of course, the law does not require you to use an attorney, but I can provide you with many benefits. Most clients contact me for help at one of two stages – before they apply and after a denial. Here are a few ways in which I can help at each stage:

  • Before application – I can evaluate your case for strengths and weaknesses, help you explain your situation better and make sure you have all the necessary documentation for the application process. In general, having a lawyer assist with this process increases your likelihood of approval.
  • After a denial – If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your initial application, you really should have an attorney assist you with your appeals process. You may have missed a crucial piece of information for your application. In addition, as your attorney, I may be able to help move your case more quickly through the system. I can also request an “on-the-record” decision from the judge, which would allow for an approval without a hearing.

With SSD cases, I only receive payment if I recover benefits for you, and statutes limit my fee. For you, the risk is low, as you know the fees from the start, and you pay me nothing upfront.

Discuss Your Case With Me

If you are considering hiring a lawyer to help you with your SSD case, please call me to schedule a free initial consultation. I will discuss your case and explain further how I can help. Contact my office in Hattiesburg by calling 769-447-3647 or sending an online message.