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Nicholas T. Grillo

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I focus my law practice on bankruptcy and Social Security Disability (SSD). I recognize that when you are overwhelmed by debt and considering bankruptcy, or if you are dealing with the bureaucracy of obtaining SSD, you need help. You want an attorney who not only knows the law but also understands that you are facing some of the most challenging moments of your life.

I personally work with you through each step of the legal process. No two cases are the same, and I treat your case with the personalized attention it deserves. As your attorney, I find personal success in working tirelessly to help you move forward in the best fashion possible.

I am a debt relief agent. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Consumer Debts

Bankruptcy And Future Credit

Social Security Disability

Stop Foreclosure, Repossession And Garnishment

Helping You Get A Fresh Start

Facing bankruptcy is daunting and can carry social stigma. I realize that often there are numerous reasons why you are in this situation, many of them arising through no fault of your own. Perhaps you are burdened with exorbitant medical bills, or you lost your job or had to quit to take care of a family member. If you feel like fear of creditors is controlling your life, bankruptcy can give you a chance to get out from under that burden. When considering bankruptcy, you have a number of options. I will make sure you understand the process so you can make informed choices as you take charge of your debt.

Social Security Disability benefits are intended to help you if you are ill or injured and cannot work. However, the application process can be confusing and intimidating, and many applications are rejected the first time around. I will help you navigate the maze of the system and work to get you the benefits you deserve. I can help before you apply or after a denial.

Let’s Work Together To Forge A Path Forward

Your Success Is My Success

As your attorney, I gauge my personal success by achieving a favorable outcome for you. I will work tirelessly to help you move forward in the best fashion possible. Whether you are dealing with financial hardships or are struggling with a mental or physical disability that requires you to apply for Social Security Disability, you do not need to face your situation alone. The road you are traveling down might seem narrow and filled with potholes, but together, we can get to the other side so you can step into the future you deserve.

$30,000 in state and federal tax debt eliminated

$200k in credit card debt

Argued and won a hearing that allowed a widow to keep her home

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